The FIA European Rally trophy (ERT) is an international competition based on the previous European Rally Cup. This season it has a regional character with the finals at Rally Waldvierter in Austria. Croatia rally is penultimate event in Central region.

A total of three categories are contested in European rally trophy. The main ERT class comprising of eligible R5 and S2000 machinery, ERT 2 for eligible Group N cars and ERT 3 for eligible 2WD Group R, Group A and Group N cars, plus Super 1600 and Group A kit cars. There is also an ERT Junior class for competitors born on or after 1 January 1989.

Nationally homologated cars may participate in countries where the car is homologated, although their drivers are not eligible to score Trophy points. Regulations allow for up to eight rallies per region, with a maximum of three taking place in a single country in a single season. This gives plenty of scope for talented drivers to showcase their skills. Best drivers have an oportunity to reach more than regional glory.

European Rally Trophy
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