43. Croatia Rally

Drivers quotes

Quotes after SS 6

Sep 30, 2017

Mark Mesterhazi: “We really liked the stages, Cerovlje one was much better for us than the Boljun. We really enjoyed it, but we have to be faster and faster.” Rok …

Drivers quotes after SS Fuskulin 1

Sep 29, 2017

Viliam Prodan: “It was fairly uneventful, but very fast, faster than we thought it would be. The special stage was also fairly clean, we had a good drive, set a …

Drivers quotes from regrouping after SS8

Oct 01, 2016

Vlastimil Majerčak: “We had a good rhythm, but as we came to the final parts of the stage we were experiencing some issues so we had to come to a …

Drivers quotes after arriving at Poreč

Sep 29, 2016

Juraj Šebalj: “I have to win this rally in order to become champion. I honestly think it’s going to be very difficult, Hideg’s all in, he needs the win because …

Drivers quotes after SS 8:

Oct 03, 2015

Bostanci: “We are trying to be careful. On the first stage we had a big spin on a downhill section at the end of the stage and we have small …

Sebalj to attack Bostanci and Turk

Oct 01, 2015

Special stages of 42. Croatia rally which will be held on friday and saturday in Porec and it’s surroundings will offer a fight of leader and thirdplaced in FIA European …

Key dates


  • 13 SEP

    Entry closing dates

  • 22 SEP

    Publication of Entry list

  • 27 SEP

    Issuing of Roadbook / Reconnaissance

  • 28 SEP

    Issuing of Roadbook / Reconnaissance
    Administrative checks / Scrutineering
    Ceremonial start

  • 29 SEP

    Start of Leg 1

  • 30 SEP

    Start of Leg 2
    Finish Ceremony and Prize giving


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