WRC  Croatia 2021

Welcome to WRC Croatia 2021

World's top sporting event that brings together spectators and fans from all over the world, projecting an image of Croatia as a prime tourist and sports destination to millions of viewers.

race starts in:

WRC calendar 2021

1 Rally Monte Carlo
21.01. - 24.01.
2 Arctic Rally Finland
26.02. - 28.02.
3 Rally Croatia
22.04. - 25.04.
4 Rally Portugal
20.05. - 23.05.
5 Rally Italy
03.06. - 06.06.
6 Safari Rally Kenya
24.06. - 27.06.
7 Rally Estonia
15.07. - 18.07.
8 Rally Finland
29.07. - 01.08.
9 Ypres Rally Belgium
13.08. - 15.08.
10 Rally Chile
09.09. - 12.09.
11 Rally Spain
14.10. - 17.10.
12 Rally Japan
11.11. - 14.11.

The greatest race ever to be held in Croatia

up to 80 competitors


1450 team management, mechanics, support staff


4 days of rallying


300+ kilometers with 22 special stages


Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

Located in northwestern Croatia, stretching from the southern slopes of Mount Medvednica right across the river Sava it is the most important transport hub in Croatia with a diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting, and entertainment events.

Zagreb, the  capital  of Croatia

Zagreb, the Croatian getaway to nature

With a moderate continental climate, ample parks, and numerous green spaces like forest areas, parks, promenades, and scenic mountainous regions such as Mount Medvednica, Botanical Garden, Maksimir Park, and Ribnjak Park, Zagreb is a lush natural oasis.

Zagreb, the Croatian getaway to nature

Zagreb, the right place at the right time

Filled with venues and an exceptional range of hotels, Zagreb enjoys the definition of an attractive European center due to the increasing number of conventions, conferences, events, high-profile professional people as well as gastronomic and cultural experiences.

Zagreb, the right place at the right time

Zagreb, the city of multiple identities

As a modern metropolis with a historic core, this vibrant yet compact and easily navigated capital enjoys the unique fusion of Central European and Mediterranean lifestyles. This makes it an urban metropolis where everything is possible and all is accessible.

Zagreb, the city of multiple identities

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