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Official communication and documents for competitors - 2022

P1_Refueling Guide

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Media Safety Book

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Road Book 1

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Road Book 2

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Road Book 3

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Road Book Reconnaissance

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Rally Guide 2

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RG2 Appendix A - Itinerary & Recce

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RG2 Appendix B2 - SS maps

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RG2 Appendix B3 - Recce maps

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RG2 Appendix C - Drawings & Layouts

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SAS Fitting Kit Manual

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SAS Tracker Competitor User Manual

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Supplementary Regulations

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Rally Guide 1

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December 21
Publication of Rally Guide 1
February 21
Publication of Supplementary Regulations
March 21
Publication of Rally Guide 2
Closing date for Entries
Publication of Road Book and Route Map
March 28
Publication of Entry List
April 6
Closing date for Service Park facilities order
April 19
Recce Day 1
April 20
Recce Day 2
April 21
April 21 @ 18:30
Opening Ceremony
April 24 @ 15:30
Podium Ceremony

1. General Advice and useful information from the Croatian Institute of Public Health

  • Current rules and recommendations: Apparently, Covid-19 is no longer a serious threat to public health for the time being. However, there is still a duty to report the illness, which means that confirmed cases should be reported to the regional infection control doctor;
  • Get vaccinated if you can;
  • Stay home if you have symptoms: Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should stay at home and avoid close contacts with others if you are ill with symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Special advice to those not vaccinated: Not being vaccinated increases the risk of serious illness from Covid-19. To avoid becoming infected, people who are unvaccinated should be extra careful and avoid crowded indoor environments;
  • Changed priorities for testing: Only patients, care users, and health and elderly care staff are recommended to get tested.

2. How to seek healthcare at the Venue

  • The Organisers Point of Contact for Covid-19 issues – including to report anybody showing signs of symptoms is Dr Mario Ćuk, Deputy CMO and COVID Response Co-Ordinator:; Tel: +385 91 73 22 750:
  • Attendees who begin to suffer from any COVID-19 Symptoms while outside the Venue must report to their Stakeholder and to the local medical facility:

    Medical facilities in Zagreb
    University Hospital for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević”
    Mirogojska 8,
    Tel. +385 1 2826-222; +385 1 4678-235
  • An Attendee who begins to suffer from any COVID-19 Symptoms while at the Venue, or is identified as having had any close contact with a person who is or may be an infected person, must report immediately to Dr Mario Ćuk, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and COVID Response Coordinator,; Tel: +385 91 73 22 750 and follow the instructions.

For the latest information on COVID-19 and entry into the Republic of Croatia from abroad can be found here.

3. PCR Testing Team on the EVENT

For anyone that needs it a mobile COVID-testing Team for personalized arrangements will be available.
A private company, LabPlus EPRUVETA will provide on site PCR/Antigen test for SARS-CoV-2 virus at the attendees' own expense at the COVID Testing Center.

Please fill free to contact Dr Mario Ćuk, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and COVID Response Coordinator if you have any questions related to COVID testing and he can arrange testing for you and help you (; Tel: +385 91 73 22 750).

The attendee is obliged to download the PCR Test Form click here or RA Test Form click here , fill in, print and sign before arriving at the test site. The completed form must also be forwarded to the email:
Signed form should be handed over to the practitioner performing the nasopharyngeal swab.

Group payments are possible. The PCR test result shall be issued in English and sent to the e-mail address provided on the form.

Enjoy WRC Croatia Rally and stay responsible.

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