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24.02.2023. Friday

Interview: Jan Hrnjak, WRC Croatia Rally Limited edition shirt designer

Croatia Rally Limited edition shirt explained by designer Jan Hrnjak - 2

Jan Hrnjak was born in 1995 in Zagreb. He studied Design of visual communications at the Algebra College. He publishes his works under the pseudonym Outlined Mind, he always uses a black background on which he creates fantastic details with carefully chosen colors. This is his story. 

Welcome on board Jan, we're glad to have you in our family. How much does this collaboration mean to you?

"In general, it means a lot to me. I'm a fan of rallying and racing in general, Formula 1, that's always been my love. The opportunity to have a collaboration with WRC Croatia Rally is really something special. With some projects I've done before, the automotive industry has always been around somewhere. The Type 7 magazine that wrote about me is related to Porsche. It can be said that there has always been this love with me and that I have preferred to experiment with cars. The whole collaboration with Croatia Rally was very interesting to me, I absolutely feel like an artist in it and I also feel the moment in which I can present the entire Croatia Rally as a creator. It is precisely in my work on the WRC Croatia Rally Limited Edition T-shirt that the most interesting thing that can be seen at such an event is visible – where the castle is in the scene, the idea is a wild atmosphere, dynamics and a Toyota rally car, which is one of the most beautiful and attractive on that scene for me."

The visual on the Limited edition T-shirt is quite complex with a large amount of detail. You opted for a recognizable turn next to the Frankopan castle in Novigrad na Dobri, one of the most famous locations of Croatia Rally.

"The whole combination of my expression and rally is a lot of fun because I always emphasize the small details. This coincided incredibly well here because you can see the car drifting in front of the turn, dust and shards of cracked earth on the side, a stream pouring out and the castle as a treat of the whole drawing. Also, as I emphasize all my works with colors, they are the most important part in my works. Everything really came into its own here, just the way it should."

You work with many famous musicians, especially hip hoppers and rappers. How did this collaboration start?

"I started with Instagram, if it wasn't for it, probably nothing would ever have come to life. As I've kicked off, so I began to do things that I loved, that had significance in my childhood and my development. Everything I did, from the very beginning I have marked people who were famous or of medium recognition, but they all had great significance to me. In fact, where the big turning poing took place was a cover of Drake's album Nothing was the same, which I re-created, in my own style. That was one of my favorites. When I posted it, I was tagging all these people. Among others, I tagged Drake's cousin, not knowing yet that they were family related, even though they had a similar nickname on Instagram. The whole story developed because he noticed it. After that, he wrote to me that it was something he had never seen and whether I was open for cooperation. It was wonderful for me and I took the job. It is also interesting that Porsche was the icon of the first collaboration with Drake's cousin Ryan Silverstein – it was driving  down the beach, along the road were palm trees. This work went notable, it reached Hypebeast magazine, one of the most recognized magazines in the world in the field of fashion and design. They wrote the first article about our collaboration and that's where it all started. This was followed by a Type 7 magazine about Porsches that I've been paying attention to since I was a kid. That's when I started paying more attention to what people love, what I love from the beginning, and what I'm doing best."

The number of your collaborations is growing. Which ones are you particularly proud of?

"One of the biggest collaborations was with the hip hop group Diplomats from New York. I have presented pictures of their iconic moments through my work and my style. It started a journey around the world from Los Angeles, New York till Tokyo. These were small presentations of my work. At the same time, the moment happened the same from my beginnings. By promoting my work, I made a script of one of Weeknd's works and he noticed it and put it on the story. That was big at the time, when 22 million people saw it, a man can't even perceive it. This was noticed by Kid Cudi and after that I did one of his scripts. Plus, I made Crystal Head vodka and Michelin whose mascot I made in my own style, so they shared it."

Have you visited Croatia Rally at the two WRC editions so far?

"I haven't been there before, in general I've followed Formula 1 races via live broadcasts and results. I've always followed the rally, but I've never been to it. I'm thinking of attending it this year, but I don't know if my obligations will allow it. Definitely, if anything, I'll buy a ticket for support as well, but I'd also really like to see it. It's always iconic and I hope to make it."

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