Drivers quotes after SS Fuskulin 1

Drivers quotes after SS Fuskulin 1
Sep 29, 2017

Viliam Prodan: “It was fairly uneventful, but very fast, faster than we thought it would be. The special stage was also fairly clean, we had a good drive, set a solid time. We’re pleasantly surprised with our effort, despite having two or three small mistakes which cost us a few seconds. After some problems during the shakedown, we performed our necessary adjustments and now the car is handling perfectly fine. We weren’t having any issues.”

Vlastimil Majercak: “It was quite good, we had a good time, good rhythm. It’s very important for us because tomorrow we want a good start position, I want to be in the top three. The stages are very slippery, but after the shakedown the road was cleaned. Now it was good, just some dust. The car is perfect, our team did a good job. I’m happy.”

Ondrej Bisaha: “I set the differential very bad for these stages. I like FWD cars, and that’s not ideal for these stages and acceleration out of the turns. I lost some time, and many times I had to push the pedal up and down for the car to turn more. It wasn’t easy for me because in the Czech Republic it’s not slippery at all, we have excellent grip every time. This was something new for us.”

Krisztian Hideg: “The special stages were very good, the organisation did a good job, the roads were clean. Today we played it safe, and our time wasn’t all that bad. Tomorrow will be far more demanding.”

Juraj Sebalj: “What is important to me is how I’m doing and how my car is doing, and now how fast everybody else was. Right now, the car is driving me, I’m sitting too low, I was hitting rocks while cutting corners, it baffles me how I didn’t puncture my tires. Shakedown was problematic because we couldn’t have a normal drive, everything was covered in gravel. It was too short for us to get warmed up and notice some mistakes and errors. We’re going to take care of everything now, we tried out a lot of different setups, just to see and if I were to lose some time – not to lose too much of it. I lost relatively little time now, so it’s on us to fix these things, not to lose too much time and get ready for tomorrow. I’m a little nervous if the new setup and the changes will work, but I think we’ll be alright.”