Drivers quotes after arriving at Poreč

Drivers quotes after arriving at Poreč
Sep 29, 2016

Juraj Šebalj: “I have to win this rally in order to become champion. I honestly think it’s going to be very difficult, Hideg’s all in, he needs the win because he’s aware of the fact that if I win, I’m taking home the championship. I’m going to give my very best. The stages here are incredibly fast and technically demanding, there’s various kinds of concrete, which are very slippery. There is construction work going on at one point, so there is a lot of small gravel, which can be impossible to see. I’m going to need some luck and I hope we won’t be dealing with flat tires.”

Krisztian Hideg: “I like the new concept of the special stages, they are however fairly difficult and technically demanding. It wonders me why there aren’t more entries – Istria is a beautiful place, the weather is great, the routes are demanding, similar to the WRC actually. Šebalj has a great chance here to become champion, he needs the win.”

Viliam Prodan: “Croatia Rally is ahead of us, we’re finally home after driving all year in Italy. It’s a difficult rally, very demanding and dirty stages, typical for Istria – slippery. Expectations? I don’t know, it’s difficult to go against 4WDs in Istria, very difficult, nearly impossible. We plan to be at the top amongst 2WD, it’s somewhat of a target for us, somewhat of a goal. It’s going to be very close from the get go.”

Rok Turk: “Everything is alright, the car is ready, we are ready. The season is going as planned, we don’t have any special expectations from this rally. As always, the roads in Istria are very fast, so you need to be precise during the reconnaissance. You have to floor it and at the end you’ll see your time.”