Drivers quotes after SS 8:

Drivers quotes after SS 8:
Oct 03, 2015

Bostanci: “We are trying to be careful. On the first stage we had a big spin on a downhill section at the end of the stage and we have small damages on the car, nothing major. But we’ve lost 15 seconds. We are just trying to stay on the road, we could be much faster on this stages, but at this moment there is no point to do that.”

Hideg: “Today is very good day, the stages are very difficult and slippery. We have drived with wet tires, I think first round was good, the second one not so good. Time is good, I’m happy, this is very, very hard race, I think it is like in Corsica.”

Sebalj: “We gave our best, we were driving as we should, and Hideg was a little bit faster. In the morning the conditions were slippery and wet, now it’s all dry and we will choose slick tires. We will continue the same pace and if Hideg stays in front, so be it. Turkish guy is too fast, with much faster car than mine, so he can push it if he will need to do so, otherwise he can slow down.”

Turk: “The mechanics did a great job, as usual, and made the car work. We are chasing points, pushing it to the edge. It was difficult to concentrate and get back in the race. After you withdraw one day, you know you wont be driving for big points other day. We are fighting for little points, but driving as if they were big. I’m very satisfied with my driving, because I know that others are not slow. The conditions on the Special Stages are very hard. Most difficult thing in the morning was to get a grip while braking.”

Prodan: “We have had a little off road trip yesterday, we have hit the curb and broke the wheel, but mechanics repaired the car, so we are driving again today. Although we are driving for our own satisfaction, we want to set good times. First two special stages were terrible, with practicaly slush on the road, but in the second loop it all went dry. We were using soft tires, but now we will change it with medium ones, we have on-site informers on road conditions matters.”

Puskadi: “The first stage was terrible, it was rainy, and I was really affraid. Then it started to dry and my feeling became better, so I improved almost a whole minute in second round. Now we are pushing, and trying to catch Peljhan. We don’t know what to do for the afternoon Special Stages, here in Porec is sunny, but there could be rainy, and that’s a big poker.”