Drivers quotes from regrouping after SS8

Drivers quotes from regrouping after SS8
Oct 01, 2016

Vlastimil Majerčak: “We had a good rhythm, but as we came to the final parts of the stage we were experiencing some issues so we had to come to a halt. However, we are on the way to the service, I hope the mechanics will do a good job and I hope we will reach the finish podium.”

Juraj Šebalj: “It has been a good run so far, but as silly as I am, I always find something to mess up. During the last stage I forgot to turn on the LSD, so the rear differential wasn’t working well and I didn’t have a good track feel. I had a spin on the gravel section and lost about fifteen seconds. As I came to the finish line, I wanted to turn off LSD and saw that they weren’t even on. Everything made sense then.”

Antal Kovacs: “It’s still a hard fight. I’ve had issues with my rear breaks since last night so during the stages, after five kilometres it’s as if I don’t have any breaks. The stages this afternoon are a bit shorter, so if the breaks survive I believe we have a strong chance to stay in third place. It will be a battle.”

Krisztian Hideg: “We had a puncture yesterday, which we had to change on the special stage because it happened shortly after the start. So we lost some three and a half minutes doing that. We’re driving at maximum today, but I’m affraid we can not do better than fourth or fifth place.”

Viliam Prodan: “As athletes would say, we fell asleep during the first two stages, something the competition used in their advantage, but we came back during the second run. In general, we’re satisfied, it’s a good tempo, the stages are fast and demanding, which surprised us a bit to be honest.”