Quotes after SS 6

Quotes after SS 6
Sep 30, 2017

Mark Mesterhazi: “We really liked the stages, Cerovlje one was much better for us than the Boljun. We really enjoyed it, but we have to be faster and faster.”

Rok Turk: “For now, everything seems to be going alright. This morning we continued at a pace that worked for us and that was promising, but later on we changed our tires, I’m not saying we made a mistake, but the new set didn’t quite cut it. We didn’t feel too good with them. That’s why we made a small error, we went a little too far and took down a traffic sign. Our focus is the Slovenian Championship, that is why we’re here. However, since we are in the battle for a podium spot, why not push for it.”

Vojtech Stajf: “Unfortunately I wasn’t going too fast, but I didn’t listen carefully to the pacenotes. The problem was, there were two left turns, and a right one after that. I misunderstood it, I thought that there was only one left corner and immediately the right one, but there was a wall, and I hit that wall. We continued slowly, I checked the temperatures, it looked like nothing was wrong with the engine and the main parts of the car, but some part was loose and it kept hitting the ground. It was an uncomfortable drive.

Krisztian Hideg: “During the last special stage, we had a big moment – we spun and the car wouldn’t go into reverse gear. We lost at least 20-25 seconds. I think that, had that not happened, we would have won the stage.”