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Q: Where can I watch Croatia Rally?

A: The audience can expect a rich entertainment and catering offer in six organized Fan zones along the special stages (one scheduled on Thursday and one on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday) as well as in the large Fan zone situated in the Service Park that will be open during six days (from Tuesday to Sunday) in the eastern part of the Zagreb Fair (Zagrebački Velesajam). Buy tickets for the Fan zones since they are subject to limited availability!

If you are unable to attend the Croatia Rally in person, the entire rally can be watched via the WRC+ platform.


Q: What can the visitors expect in the Fan zones?

A: The organized Fan zones will provide the visitors with the best positions to watch the rally, all-day entertainment, food and beverage options, additional sponsor and partner activations, and the broadcast of the entire rally on video walls.


Q: Where can I find the special stages timetable?

A: At rally competitions, the special stages timetable is called an itinerary and is available here.


Q: Where does the Croatia Rally take place?

A: The Croatia Rally takes place in a large area, stretching from Platak in the south to Kumrovec and Trakošćan in the north. Check out the special stages timetable in the itinerary, while the detailed maps and the GPS navigation to the Fan zones can be found in the Croatia Rally app.


Q: Where are the Fan zones located?

A: A detailed plan of all Fan zones has been published in the itinerary. All information, including the traffic control and road closure plans, is available in the Croatia Rally app and on the web page rally-croatia.com.


Q: What time am I supposed to arrive at the Fan zone or other location intended for watching?

A: We systematically make known, through all communication channels and tools, that due to possible crowds and the limited number of parking spaces at the locations, visitors are asked to arrive at the location at least 3 hours before the start of the competition. Check out the itinerary and please try to arrive 3 hours before the scheduled start.


Q: Can I pay by card in the Fan zones?

A: It will be possible to pay by card in the Fan zones. However, due to a potentially weaker internet connection, we suggest that you bring enough cash.


Q: Where can I find accommodation for the Croatia Rally?

A: You can find accommodation with our partner BTravel or in the Croatia Rally app.


Q: Where can I park my vehicle?

A: The parking is organized for Fan zones ticket buyers, except for the one at the Service Park at the Zagreb Fair, while for other spectators points there are access roads where parking will be possible. In doing so, please obey the official staff instructions so as not to close the access routes!


Q: How will waste be disposed of?

A: We take environmental protection seriously. Please do not leave any waste behind, reduce or avoid the single-use plastic items and separate all recyclable waste into the SPECIFIC containers that are placed both in the Fan zones and in frequented areas, that are indicated in the Croatia Rally application.


Q: Are there any special warnings related to avoiding traffic congestion?

A: Help us reduce both traffic congestion and the WRC Croatia Rally's environmental footprint! Please use public transport, come by bicycle or on foot wherever possible. Please carpool with friends when setting out to Fan zones and special stages.


Q: Are there any other special warnings related to environmental protection?

A: We ask all visitors to avoid lighting fires in nature while watching the Croatia Rally so as to not accidentally start a fire.


Q: Can I take a pet?

A: Please do not take pets as loud noises can disturb them. If you do decide to take them, please keep them on a leash at all times.


Q: I am interested in the WRC Croatia Rally merch.

A: You buy our merch online or in the Fan zones. The delivery of purchased goods takes no longer than 10 days.




Q: What are the rally competition rules and regulations?

A: Each rally race involves between 15 and 25 special stages on closed roads, where crews compete one by one, with an interval of three minutes in the WRC category and one or two minutes in other categories. To get from one special stage to another, drivers drive on public roads, obeying the usual traffic regulation. The winners are the crew that completes all special stages with the fastest overall time.


Q: What is the time frame of a rally competition?

A: The rally starts on Tuesday, allowing two days for the route reconnaissance, in which drivers and co-drivers drive the route at a limited speed to check and record bents.  

The route reconnaissance is followed by the shakedown on Thursday morning when the drivers test their cars at full speed. The Croatia Rally shakedown will take place in Okić on Thursday, 21 April, starting from 09:01 a.m.. The ceremonial start is scheduled on Thursday evening and the rally will be run over the next three days and end with the Power stage in Kumrovec on Sunday around 2 p.m. providing additional points to the 5 fastest crews.


Q: What is the service park?

A: A service park is a place where cars are prepared during the competition. Competitors visit the service park at a predetermined time to allow their mechanics to perform the work. There are usually three service sessions in one day:

an initial 15-minute visit in the morning before the opening stage

a 40-minute session midway through the day’s competition

an end-of-day session lasting 45 minutes in which cars are re-prepared for the following day


Q: What goes on during a rally service?

A: Car servicing is strictly regulated. If competitors exceed the time provided for the service, they will be awarded a time penalty. At the end of the day, cars are kept in the parc fermé, a guarded car park, which no one has access to during the night.

Outside the service park, the driver and the co-driver are the only ones who are allowed to repair or make adjustments on their car, using only the tools and spare parts available in the vehicle.


Q: How do time penalties work?

A: Time penalties are incurred by competitors who arrive late at control points located at the start of the special stages and at the entrance and exit of the service park.  A 10- second penalty will be applied for each minute of delay. On the other hand, for every minute of entering the time control too early, the crew incurs a 1-minute penalty.




Q: What are the ticket prices?

A: Tickets for Fan zones are on sale for 90,00 HRK (12 €) and can be bought online or within accommodation packages with our partner Btravel.

The parking is charged 35 kunas (5 €) to encourage carpooling, thus reducing congestion and harmful emissions into the environment.


Q: Where can I buy tickets for the Fan zones and the Service park?

A: Tickets can be purchased online or at the entrance of the Fan zone or Service park.


Q: Can I buy and use digital tickets?

A: Digital tickets can be purchased at the web page ulaznice.hr. You can scan the purchased tickets using the Croatia Rally application. Due to the limited number of phone screen ticket readers, we suggest that you take a physical copy of your ticket.


Q: Can the ticket be transferred to someone else?

A: Yes, the ticket is transferable. 


Q: Can I get a refund?

A: According to the terms of sale you have accepted, a refund is not possible except in the case of cancellation of the entire event, but not individual special stages.


Q: Is the consumption of food/beverages included in the ticket price?

A: The food/beverages consumption is not included in the ticket price.


Q: Is there a car park at the Fair?

A: There is no parking pass for the Service park Fan zone, but there are several public car parks available in the area. The Croatia Rally is one of the few rallies to have its Service park almost in the city center. Thus, we invite visitors to reduce both traffic congestion and environmental footprint and to use public transport or come on foot to the Service park.


Q: Can only parking passes be purchased?

A: Unfortunately not, a parking pass can only be obtained by purchasing tickets.


Q: What tickets bundles are available?

A: The ticket bundles for the Service park entitle you to get unhindered access to the Zagreb Service park Fan zone all 6 days, from 19 to 24 April 2022! For other days you can put together your own ideal package.


Q: I have just bought a ticket for this year’s Croatia Rally edition and I have also paid for one fan accreditation. There is nothing on the ticket saying I paid it, so I wonder how I should retrieve it.

A: As stated in the purchase process note, fan accreditations do not bring additional benefits but are printed as a souvenir.

Retrieval of fan accreditations will be possible only at the entrance to the Service Park at the Zagreb Fair upon presentation of your receipt.


Q: Are the Fan zones located along the tracks?

A: Fan zones are specially enclosed spaces along special stages at the most attractive locations for rally watching, where visitors will be able to watch the entire rally on the WRC+ channel, enjoy organized concerts and/or DJ performances, and food and drink options, with provided toilets and other infrastructure. Tickets for Fan zones are on sale for 90,00 HRK, while the parking is charged 35,00 HRK. Admission for up to two children under 12 accompanied by an adult is free. The Fan zone ticket entitles its holder to visit the Service park at the Zagreb Fair the same day.


Q: Why do I have to pay extra for parking tickets if I have already paid for the ticket?

A: The rally organizer strives to reduce both traffic congestion and the WRC Croatia Rally's environmental footprint! That is exactly why we are asking you to carpool with friends or use public transport, bicycles or walk to the Fan zone (Service park) whenever possible. 


Q: What about the parking around the Fan zones? Where is the parking organized, and where not?

A:  In addition to purchasing tickets for the Fan zones (except for the one located at the Zagreb Service park) it is also possible to purchase a parking pass. Please note that the quantities are limited.


Q: Do Fan zones provide access to disabled people?

A: Disabled people have free entry to the Fan zone, while the accompanying person must pay for the ticket. Platak Fan zone and the Service park Fan zone have facilities suitable for disabled people. In addition, disabled people can access the Platak Fan zone in their own cars.


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