Drivers after first couple of Special Stages

Drivers after first couple of Special Stages
Sep 30, 2016

Juraj Šebalj: “The first two special stages went, well, I made a dent in my rim, but there was no tire puncture so I didn’t lose any time. We made up some time during the second special stage and managed to get ahead of the crowd. We wanted to finish today at the top so we could get one of the first starting slots tomorrow in order to avoid all the gravel on the roads.”

Krisztian Hideg: “The first stage went fairly well, but a minor mistake in the second stage cost us three, four seconds, but that isn’t all too bad, we are after all placed second following the first stage. It’s a big rally for us tomorrow!”

Antal Kovacs: “The first stage was okay, I think it may even be the easiest stage of the entire rally, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to drive a good time. Unfortunately, we’re dealing with a steering malfunction right now so we aren’t holding up all too well during the fast parts, which is the main reason Šebalj is this far ahead of us.”

Vlastimil Majerčak: “It’s a very slippery track, which is new to me. I am, however, satisfied with my time.”